CG Questions 7.3.16

Posted by Justin Kendrick on

  1. As you reflect on last week’s sermon, what principle or insight stands out as being most helpful or insightful to your personally? What principle or insight did you find most challenging?

  2. During this week’s sermon Justin talked about the discipline of awareness. This requires that we view life from a new angle – one that sees and accepts its place as a member of God’s family. What issues in your life might hinder you from walking fully in this ‘new angle’? (i.e., unrepented sin, disobedience, too busy with other things etc) What specific action will you take this week to lay down your life and be a responsible member of God’s family?

  3. This week at each campus we spoke about the discipline of compassion and how often Jesus was moved to heal, touch, love, feed, even raise the dead because of compassion in His heart towards others. In your spiritual journey where has the compassion of another brought the love Jesus into your life? What areas in your life need more of the compassion of Jesus right now? (i.e. work, community, family etc). Pray with one another to receive more of a heart of compassion.

  4. The discipline of action was part of this week’s message in every campus. The world is full of people with outside needs – food, a ride to work, clothing, their lawn mowed, etc. What part can you play in meeting these needs in your immediate world? Talk about what you will do this week to love others with action.

  5. It’s not about what we believe, but what we do with what we believe.   Where in your life do you see your beliefs engaged with the people around you? Where do you see a lack of awareness, compassion or action? Pray together for specific direction on how to live out your faith in a greater measure. Share with the group what God says to you. Discuss steps to walk in obedience to His direction.



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