CG Questions 6.5.16

Posted by Justin Kendrick on

  1. Have someone in the group read 1 John 1 aloud. Briefly share what idea or point stood out most this week from Justin’s sermon.

  2. In his sermon Justin stated: every aspect of life on planet Earth can be traced back to dependence on the sun. How does the symbolism of the natural sun reflect the truth of God as light in your life (1 John1:5)? Where in your life do you see Him as the Source (can’t live without Him) or as your Guide (can’t see without Him)?
    What specific areas need to be surrendered to this holy dependency?

  3. Break into groups of 2 or 3. Read aloud verses 5-10.
    - How have you ‘pulled God down’ in your life? In other words, claiming to know God, but actually adjusting Him to fit your lifestyle? (i.e., attitudes or behaviors that are contrary to His truth)
    - Where in your life do you ‘puff self up’? That is, find justifications for areas of your life where Jesus is not at the center. This can be seen in our actions, words or choices.
    Take time to confess one to another, and receive God’s forgiveness.  Then complete question # 4 together!

  4. The next response is to abandon yourself in order to find that Gospel Groove for your soul. That infectious feeling of rightness in the rhythm of being perfectly centered in Christ, by grace (not performance).  What is one practical step you will take this week to live in this groove? (for example: prayer time, worship God, speak and believe scriptures etc). Share with one another what this step will look like for you. Pray for one another and choose someone in the group to check-in with this week (via text, phone call etc).

  5. Take a few minutes as a group and ask God to reveal to each of you someone who does not know Christ that you can share this ‘gospel groove’ with. Use your story to share the love of God with him or her. Pray for one another for the courage to obey. Be bold – believing that God wants to use your life, your words to bring others to Him.



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