CG Questions 6.26.16

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  1. During this past week, what areas of craving to feel, craving to have, craving for importance (from last week’s message) were submitted to God producing the fruits of integrity, generosity or humility. Briefly share.

  2. Justin talked about the first layer of love, known as compassionate love. Talk about relationships where you freely give and receive this kind of love. Where would you like to see this compassionate love increase (home, work, neighborhood, extended family, friends etc)? What practical steps can you take this week to see this increase happen?

  3. Read aloud Romans 5:6-8. Justin talked about sacrificial love as seen in God’s perfect giving of self in Jesus.  This love of God took all our sin and the wrath we deserved and instead gave us His love.  What areas of your love remain unaffected by this profound truth? In other words, do you still hold onto guilt, shame, failure, unforgiveness etc? Talk honestly about this and pray for one another for freedom.

  4. How would life be different if you embraced the third layer of love (from this week’s sermon), adoption love? If you believed wholly in the legal act of heaven by which God the Father received you as a perfectly loved son or daughter, what would change for you? (i.e., your thoughts towards self, others, faith in God’s goodness, choices, how freely you share the gospel etc). Pray for one another for revelation concerning adoption by God. Pair up within the group and, during the week, reach out and encourage each other in this truth.

  5. Break into groups of 2 or 3. Read 1 John 3:1. Take a moment and meditate on these words…and so we are.  As children of God, our lives are found in this 4th layer called genetic love. In this love, we find the very DNA or nature of God residing within us. Where do you see this principle at work in your life? Where do you struggle to whole heartedly believe this amazing truth? Pray for one another for an increase of faith and understanding of this divine nature within us.

  6. When this genetic love is alive in our hearts we will see a personal assurance of salvation, a desire for scripture and a delight in worship. Honestly discuss any areas where you sense a lack of these fruits of Genetic Love. Pray for one another and share one practical way you will live in this love this week.



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