CG Questions 6.12.16

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1. Last week we talked about praying for a certain person and speaking to them about ‘the gospel groove’, that is, your story of knowing God’s love. Take a few minutes as a group and talk about how or when you were able to speak with someone about Christ this week.  Is there anything keeping you from effectively sharing Christ with others?

2. Have someone read 1 John 2:1-2.  How does the truth that Jesus is your advocate (your legal representative that pleads your case before God) change your internal atmosphere? In other words, what areas of your life do you sense His peace, His forgiveness, His love? Or do you still struggle to believe that Jesus is your advocate? Perhaps, shame, guilt or fear try to linger. Pray in faith for one another for that we would internalize the gift of His righteousness.

3.Christianity provides fixed internal atmosphere.  God provides this stable and beautiful inner life solely based on His love for you! His love changes what you love. Then, we find ourselves longing to please Christ. Where you see the fruit of obedience growing in your life? Where do you desire to see more obedience in your life? (i.e. words, actions, relationships, etc).  Talk about one faith step you will take this week to walk more fully in obedience to Christ.

4. Break into groups of 2 or 3. When we come to Christ through the Gospel a new internal climate begins in our lives. This changes what we need and gives us the gift of charity within – that is, we no longer need to cling to unforgiveness, hurt, anger and other negative emotions from past experiences.  Embrace this truth, stop for a moment and allow the Holy Spirit to search your heart. Is there a past wound or hurt where you still ‘cling to the higher moral ground’ of judgment, hate, unforgiveness etc? Spend time honestly sharing and releasing those things. Pray for one another for a spirit of charity based on God’s love towards you.

5. God’s Word inside always reshapes the world outside.  Read 1 John 2:4-6 aloud. Looking at your own spiritual journey, what evidence or fruit do you see of God’s abiding Word changing you inside and then shaping your outside? (Consider every realm of your life – home, family, community, vocation, social, emotional, physical.) Together thank God for what He’s done/is doing in your world! Lastly, one is one practical thing you will do this week to increase your abiding in His Word?



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