CG Questions 5.22.16

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  1. Briefly share on insight or principle from last week’s sermon that has been either very helpful OR difficult to grasp.

  2. Have someone read aloud Isaiah 46:9-10 and then Eph 1:11-12.
    These scriptures point to the sovereign will of God. That will to which we must surrender and trust in.  Give a personal example of a time when you were faced with the need to personally surrender to and trust in God.  For example: a relationship, job situation, family issue, etc.

  3. Justin discussed the second ‘layer’ of God’s will as His moral will.  This will is discovered as the Word of God dwells in us. This will is accomplished as God fills us with the grace to discern and live out His Word.  

    a. What areas of your life need an infusion of God’s moral will?  In other words, specifically where are you struggling to walk in the truth of the gospel? What practical steps will you take this week to apply His moral will to all of your life?

    b. Give specific examples of the victories His moral will has on your life – i.e., your interactions at home, work and community – your choices, your affections and your actions. Where in your life do you sense His moral will being fulfilled?

  4. Break into groups of 2 or 3 and read Colossians 3:17.  Finding the unique will of God involves taking whatever is in your hand (like Moses did), laying it down before the Lord and allowing God to breath life into it. During this specific portion of the sermon, what was God putting His finger on in your life? What ‘words or deeds’ needs to be done ‘in the name of the Lord Jesus’, as mentioned in the Colossians verse? (think of all the spheres of influence in your world).  

  5. This sermon should give you  faith to know finding the unique will of God is not far off, but is found as we surrender and trust in Him. End the evening with a prayer of consecration. Pray for one another and ask God to fill each of you with the knowledge of His unique will for your life in this season.



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