CG Questions 5.15.16

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  1. Last week we said that your spirit is the primary tool of communication with God. Briefly share some of the things God spoke to you during this week as a result of developing a consistent conversation with God.

  2. Sometimes we are doing all the ‘right things’ (Bible study, prayer, asking, waiting, listening) and still feel like we are not hearing God’s voice. Briefly share what you felt God started to identify as your ‘disconnect’ during Justin’s sermon this week.

  3. Break into smaller groups for the two parts of this question.

    a. Read Leviticus 26:19 together.  Justin described pride as a heart that revolves around me. Where do you see pride alive in your life?  Consider every arena of your life: your home, friendships, work life – attitudes towards self and others – actions, including your speech and choices.  Earnestly repent and receive forgiveness from God. Pray for one another that each would receive a spirit of humility.

    b. Unbelief is an inward position of fear, doubt and distrust in God and His Word. In what parts of your life does unbelief have the upper hand (health, finances, relationships etc)? Pray together and ask God to specifically give you ways to move away from unbelief and into faith. Share those ways out loud with a plan to take action in these areas this week.

  4. Read Isaiah 66:2. As Christ becomes our identity, our source and our righteousness we find the connection between Him and us ‘lights up’.  This identity is found when we abide.
    What does it mean to you to abide in Christ? What practical steps will you take this week to assure that you are constantly abiding in Him?

  5. Humility is a heart that revolves around God. What does that look like practically for a Christian in places like our homes, our jobs, our community, our churches? Share specific examples in order to encourage one another to grow.

    6. A properly aligned heart unlocks limitless potential
    . What dreams, hopes, or situations in your life do you want God to unlock? Take some time as a group and posture yourself in humility and faith (perhaps kneeling..?). Offer your heart in submission to God, and receive true faith and humility. 

                    When you’re finished, briefly share what will be different this                       week in your life based on this prayer.



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