CG Questions 5.1.16

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  1. This week’s message was titled “Reset Expectations”.  What beliefs or thoughts do you have that need to be reset about the truth that God wants to speak to you? Be specific: consider things like when is the last time you felt God spoke to you? What did you do in response to His voice? What areas do you feel like He is not speaking into? (relationships, job situation, areas of need etc)

  2. Have someone read 2 Tim 316-17.  Justin talked about scripture being an instrument to build a foundation for interaction with God. Talk about your regular routine in the scriptures. How do you hear, see, know God through your Bible reading or study? What will you do this week to strengthen this foundation for hearing God?

  3. a. The Bible is full of ordinary people who encountered God through prophetic words, dreams, inner promptings and divine guidance.  Honestly share your expectations about experiencing these types of communication from God. Are you open to them or scared? If you afraid, why is that?

    b. Have you experienced these types of communications with God? If so, briefly share your experience.

    Pray for one another that we would allow scripture to become a catalogue of possibilities for our lives and no longer limit how God chooses to speak to us.

  4. Break into groups of two or three. Justin boldly told us this week that God wants an ongoing conversation with you. What is holding you back from this? Is it compromise, unbelief, fear, are you just too busy? If you are older in the faith, have you lost your edge?   Take time to confess to one another the things that are in the way. Release them and receive a new hunger for the possibility of an ongoing conversation with God.

  5. It is true that conversations with God require that we communicate on His terms. Three aspects that enable us to do so were mentioned in the sermon.


  1. Expect God:  What disappointments or failures have caused your expectations of God to be too low? Be specific and pray to release and move past them.
    2. Ask God: Are there things you are afraid or reluctant to ask God to speak to you about? Why is this? (for example: not sure of His answer, His love for you, fear of losing control etc)
  2. Revere God: Where in your daily life are you lacking reverence for the Word and ways of God (for example: living in ways that are not pleasing God or missing the mark – relationships or choices regarding time, money, passions etc)?



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